Ways to colaborate?

Merge request to our github repository

If you enjoyed the chia plotter simulator and you are a software developer, you are invited add new fetures, fix bugs, or other things you can do it in our github repository.

Invite us to a coffe

All donations are greatly appreciated and help us to continue dedicating time to this project. From this platform you can invite us to a coffee:

Chia donation

Send us a chia/mojo tip to our wallet: xch134eslk0hfgc7tfz9ncd4ag53kdjrde23ac4zjux6h7dzt9ajgwts5th5w2

Buy in amazon with our affiliate link

You can collaborate for free using our affiliate link for any purchase that you are going to make in the next 24 hours. Just click on our link and buy whatever you need.

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Subscribe to developers twitch channel

Our developers are in Twitch! developing chia tools, playing games and more. You are invited to follow, subscribe and enjoy!

Give us your feedback

You can check our trello road map and tell us your opinion about the new features that are being developed. You can also collaborate by creating issues, feature request on our github.